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With our visionary approach to lead the industry, since inception, we embarked on this journey of admirable and fair human resource policies because we understand that this valuable resource cannot be achieved overnight. We are making continuous investments in this direction and realize that the winners of tomorrow's marketplace will be those who act now.

Our HR policies and practices are an ambit of possible interventions; from minor to major that make a positive difference in the lives of people in our environment. We ensure that these programs and policies are consistent for all employees. Apart from offering an open culture and a physical workplace environment that is conducive to high performance, a glimpse at our other HR initiatives:

We inculcate a sense of belongingness among our entire workforce, at all levels, and make them active participants in strategy formulations. We share our goals, directions and objectives with them that in turn make them aware about their vital contribution in organization's success. You are never lost in the swarm of people and are respected for "being yourself". The work culture is dedicated towards adding value to the personal as well as professional lives.

Our corporate culture encourages people with new ideas and out of the box thinking. This dynamic environment thrives on continuous education, training and improvement. Our "Every Idea Counts" approach; encourages people to propose new ideas and suggestions, thus nurturing a profound sense of personal involvement in the company's business. We work hard as individuals and within teams, and are acknowledged for our efforts.

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